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When It Rains, It Pours: In A Totally Awesome Way!

Hello wonderful people. I hope your week is going just as swimmingly as mine is.  We've been busy, busy over here with the addition of the Fed Center market, the debut of our multigrain bread and our growth in both the Southglenn and Parker Garage markets. I've always been one of those annoyingly optomistic, find the silver lining in every situation kinds of gals. When it rains, it really does pour but that isn't always a bad thing, especially when it's raining down goodness. I got word yesterday that WtG would be receiving a shout out as an awesome farmers market find and so we have been. A special thank you to Jennifer Wenning at Wellness Snitches for including us. She's right...

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Addition of the Fed Center Market

Big news for folks on the West end of town! Wave the GRAIN can now be found at the Federal Center market. This market is free and open to the public every Thursday through September 11th -1pm. For driving directions and detail on all the vendors, visit http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/155145 This Thursday June 23rd, WtG will preview our brand spanking new bread. Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and paleo! This bread is a full 9x5 loaf size, fresh baked the day before markets and freezable.  ING: manioc, teff, sorghum, millet egg yeast, coconut oil, honey, xantham gum.  Additional items that can be found at this week's market: giant cookies (chocolate chip, cinnamon caramel and ?), Tiffany bars, cinnamon rolls, personal coffee cakes...

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Vacations Happen?

Yes they do!! Hello my happy gluten free friends. I hope this blog post finds you well. Me? I'm awesome. The response to the store, market treats and general good wishes have been stupendous. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you all.  That's part of the reason I've been up long into the wee hours trying to perfect a few additional recipes, like this gem for Multigrain Bread (gluten free, dairy free and sugar free). It should make its appearance at the July 2nd Southland market. Kudos and happy things, I am presented with that rare opportunity to get away from it all with my honey. We'll be headed out on the motorcycles to Montana, back down through...

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Ramen Gets an Unprecedented Response

Holy cow you guys!  I was kicking around my kitchen last week waiting for my latest experiment in inexpensive bread to rise when I happened upon one of the ramen packets I make for my kiddos. I tossed a couple into my market pack thinking I would test them, see what people thought. You know me, I have a really hard time charging exorbitant amounts of money for things we used to be able to get for pretty cheap before we went GF. I mean what's the point if we all go broke eating this way. Yes the ingredients are more expensive, but if I work hard enough I can usually find a way to tweek recipes with more inexpensive...

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Who we are and why we do what we do

My kitchen is 100% gluten free. Every ingredient, every surface, oven and utensil is free from any risk of cross contamination.It's been my goal to have everyone who tastes my food ask, "is this really gluten free?" No more tasteless, dry cardboard. Just the best ingredients baked with love from my family to yours. My name is Allyson and this is my crazy family.  Me and my guy              The kids (aka taste testers)I started redefining my baking almost 3 years ago when our special needs son was diagnosed with Celiacs. I was used to being a special needs mom, but this whole food thing threw me for a loop. Here is a 15 year...

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