Ramen Gets an Unprecedented Response

Holy cow you guys! 

I was kicking around my kitchen last week waiting for my latest experiment in inexpensive bread to rise when I happened upon one of the ramen packets I make for my kiddos. I tossed a couple into my market pack thinking I would test them, see what people thought.

You know me, I have a really hard time charging exorbitant amounts of money for things we used to be able to get for pretty cheap before we went GF. I mean what's the point if we all go broke eating this way. Yes the ingredients are more expensive, but if I work hard enough I can usually find a way to tweek recipes with more inexpensive but still quality ingredients. That's how these packets were born.

The ramen I use for the kids doesn't skimp on quality or goodness. They're fully organic, vegan and even relatively low in sodium contrary to their gluteny counterparts. They're vacuum sealed, lightweight and good for a year from the "made on" date. I use the very best for my kids, maybe other people will want the best for theirs. The big question was would people be wiling to pay $4 a piece? 

I was absolutely shocked at the response I got about the ramen. My inbox was flooded with information requests and orders all thanks to this post on facebook:

So thank you Debra Schleich. Please keep an eye on your FB messages. I have a little thank you surprise in store. 

And for the rest of you folks... I'm working on more packets and will post them soon to the website for purchase. The packets are "beef", "chicken" or vegi and will be $4 individually or $30 for a case of 8. I only charge the cost of real shipping, however, if you'd like to order 4 or more cases, please use the "pick up" delievery option as shipping will be free. You'll need to add your address in the notes section at checkout. If it is easier, feel free to call/text/email me instead. 

As always, thank you all and happy baking!


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