When It Rains, It Pours: In A Totally Awesome Way!

Hello wonderful people. I hope your week is going just as swimmingly as mine is. 

We've been busy, busy over here with the addition of the Fed Center market, the debut of our multigrain bread and our growth in both the Southglenn and Parker Garage markets.

I've always been one of those annoyingly optomistic, find the silver lining in every situation kinds of gals. When it rains, it really does pour but that isn't always a bad thing, especially when it's raining down goodness.

I got word yesterday that WtG would be receiving a shout out as an awesome farmers market find and so we have been. A special thank you to Jennifer Wenning at Wellness Snitches for including us. She's right you know. Shopping as local as possible makes a difference not only for you, but for the families you support in your own back yard.

It seems to be the theme of the week. Thanks to you all spreading the good word about WtG, you can now find our cookies and cinnamon rolls at Legends Coffee located at Southlands mall. They started out just like we did in small farmers markets and continue to support local vendors through their brick and mortar shop.

As a side note, I highly suggest you try their lavender lemonade. J-man always insists on coming with for deliveries so he can grab a glass of the goodness. I'm prone to sipping of  their Brazilian coffee blend. I haven't tasted the likes since I was actually in Brazil years ago.


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