Vacations Happen?

Yes they do!!

Hello my happy gluten free friends. I hope this blog post finds you well.

Me? I'm awesome. The response to the store, market treats and general good wishes have been stupendous. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you all. 

That's part of the reason I've been up long into the wee hours trying to perfect a few additional recipes, like this gem for Multigrain Bread (gluten free, dairy free and sugar free). It should make its appearance at the July 2nd Southland market.

Kudos and happy things, I am presented with that rare opportunity to get away from it all with my honey. We'll be headed out on the motorcycles to Montana, back down through Yellowstone, the Tetons and Utah before we head back home refreshed and ready to bake up some more awesome treats for y'all. 

We will return on father's day weekend. I will have access to my tech in the evenings so please holler if there is anything I can do for you. All orders placed the week of June 10th - 18th will be fulfilled immediately on my return. 

As always, much love and happy gluten free baking to you.

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