It’s time to start planning your wedding! And now comes the most thrilling part. Some of you may be ecstatic, while others may be overwhelmed by what lies ahead. Wedding cake selection comes with an equal amount of delight and tension.

The days of the basic and simple traditional cake are long gone, but you shouldn’t underestimate its attractiveness. Recently, wedding cake designs have become crazier and crazier. The options for wedding cake designs seem to be virtually endless, ranging from bizarre novelty cakes to stylish nude cakes decorated with actual flowers.

The wedding cake selection is more complicated than it initially seems because there are numerous considerations, details, and choices involved. Today, there are a lot of options, and standards are high.

Parents who contributed to the cost of your wedding might want to be involved in some of your choices, and visitors can’t wait to ogle your stunning wedding cake just as much as the wedding dress you will wear. It might be a never-ending labyrinth of factors to take into account, from the shape, size, flavor, layers, décor, icing, and topping.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to remain true to yourself. Since it is your wedding cake, it is only proper that it reflects you as a couple and complements the ceremony’s theme. If you only have a few guests, don’t feel obligated to have a massive and extravagant wedding cake; otherwise, you’ll be eating leftover cake for weeks!

So here’s our guide to picking the perfect wedding cake to ensure you have every detail covered.

Find Your Baker 

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Nobody will make your wedding cake if you just walk into a bakery and ask them to. Referrals from friends and family are a tried-and-true method of locating an excellent baker if you wish for your wedding cake to be perfect.

You might inquire about the couple’s baker if you’ve attended a wedding where the cake was delicious. Another strategy is to go to wedding fairs; this gives you the chance to meet regional bakers who provide their goods at lower prices and to view and try cakes without having to schedule a private consultation. 

Find bakers who specialize in the type of cake you want, then speak with them to see whether they can make it with the decorations, flavor, size, and overall appearance you like.

You may also search through social media sites to get a good idea of the different types of bakers without needing to chat with them first.

Different bakers specialize in various cake-making techniques. But don’t be content with what you see because these cakes may have been expertly staged for the photos. Look for internet endorsements and reviews to get an idea of the quality of a baker.

Measure It

Your wedding cake does not have to be plenty big to feed everyone at the celebration, especially if you have invited several hundred people – that would be unrealistic.

You want it to have an impact. However, the number of guests should still be considered when deciding on the size of your wedding cake. Three layers of cake will typically serve up to 100 guests (based on the size of the cake), whereas five or more layers will feed 200 or more visitors.

The size of your cake will also be determined by whether you will be presenting a dessert bar or other types of dessert. If the venue has high ceilings, try adding columns between levels to make the cake look larger.

Consider the Flavor

After you’ve determined the size of your cake, you can start considering wedding cake flavors. The interesting part is that this phase allows you to sample numerous types of cake until you pick the one you like best – but remember, this is a tasting test, not a dessert feast.

Additionally, there are a ton of intriguing cake varieties available right now. You can be as daring and inventive with the flavors as you like. The flavors are limitless, whether you desire mud cake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, white chocolate, or buttercream.

However, when deciding on something you both enjoy, remember to consider your senses of taste, smell, sight, and even touch. If you enjoy exotic flavors, consider your guests and include at least one layer that everyone will enjoy – a layer of regular ol’ chocolate cake will not hurt anybody. 

If you don’t know what you want or are confused by the variety of tastes, you can arrange a taste test with your baker to find out which flavors you and your partner like most.

Theme and Style 

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Considering your wedding’s theme, style, and color palette will help you decide on the style and aesthetic of your wedding cake. It should also reflect who you two are as a couple.

For instance, a naked cake with vivid color will match the overall look of your wedding if you are having a rustic-themed reception. Verify if the cake’s decoration and design complement the other wedding-related details.

Choose the wedding theme, colors, and other factors before settling on the general look of the cake. The cake should blend in with the other decorations rather than standing out. You can select flowers that complement those used in the ceremony. 

If you are planning a traditional wedding, a simple white cake with minimal ornamentation may be ideal for your special day. There are numerous options and skillful bakers.

We advise you to create a wedding cake-style board with images of different types of cakes that you like as references. This will allow you to show your baker a picture of the finished product. 


The shape of the cake can be chosen from a wide range of options. Although there is practically no way to go wrong with this decision, it is nevertheless vital to keep in mind. 

Delivery of the Cake 

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Work with your baker and the location of the reception to plan and discuss the delivery. The cake may be sent in parts rather than whole, and the baker may be required to assemble it on-site, which takes a long time. Making sure the venue has a big enough fridge or can assist you find one is important because the cake might also need to be refrigerated.


All of this may seem overwhelming, but don’t fret – it’s actually easier than it seems to find your dream wedding cake. Just take a deep breath and use your head before jumping the gun. You will then be able to focus more on the fun side of things like tasting the different cakes and working with a designer who makes you feel comfortable.

Wedding Cakes in the Denver-Metro Area

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