One of the best parts of the Christmas season is getting together with family and friends, but putting together a perfect celebration needs a lot of planning and preparation. Follow these guidelines for having a holiday party at home to get a head start on the preparations!

Create a List

First and foremost, when you consider holiday party ideas, you should make a to-do list. Even if you don’t wind up adhering to the list exactly, it will still help in mental organization and work prioritization.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, turn your list into a series of questions. The following are some sample inquiries that you should ask yourself:

  • Where should I throw the party?
  • Who are the people I should invite? 
  • Do I buy or cook food?
  • Should I include party games?
  • When and where should the party be held?
  • What is a reasonable budget?

Imagine You Are a Guest

When throwing a Christmas party at home, put yourself in the position of your guests. Consider how they will feel from the moment they walk in the door to the time they leave. Is there a spot for guests to leave their jackets and belongings when they arrive? Where can they leave gifts and food contributions? Is there a specific seating area? Where can they get drinks and appetizers?

As you run through various scenarios, you’ll gain a better understanding of what kind of preparation is required around the house.

Send Out Invitations Early

You can read all the articles you want about throwing a Christmas party at home, but it won’t matter if your guests can’t make it. People are extremely busy during the holidays, so be considerate and send out invitations as soon as possible. Giving your guests plenty of time to RSVP not only shows consideration but also enhances the possibility that they will be able to attend because they haven’t made other plans yet.

Pick a Theme

While no rule says you must choose a theme for your Christmas celebration, it certainly adds to the charm of your home. Following a festive theme unifies your room and, of course, delights your guests. Keep in mind that selecting a color scheme or a seasonal motif like snowflakes can already serve as your theme.

Incorporate cozy decor touches into your Christmas gathering to make your guests feel at ease. Light the fireplace, spread additional blankets out on the couch, and scatter some plush pillows across the floor for additional seating. You can even take this Christmas party idea a step further by handing out cuddly party presents like fuzzy socks.

Update the Bathroom

While arranging the living room and decorating the dining room are two of the most important tasks, don’t overlook this Christmas party planning tip. Add a festive touch to your guest bathroom and make sure it’s well-stocked with necessities like toilet paper, soap, and clean hand towels. Other decorating items to consider include scented candles and accents that fit your party theme.

Remove Any Breakables

A common rule of thumb for hosting Christmas parties is to attempt to minimize your stress as much as possible. That is why it is a good idea to remove any breakable items or personal belongings from your entertaining area. The last thing you want to be concerned about as a host is whether or not curious children will knock over your antique vase or priceless art piece.

Try Buffet-Style

Everyone enjoys a good buffet dinner. Your party will become significantly more relaxed with buffet-style food, especially if you have quite a few guests. It will reduce the pressure of having to serve each guest, while also encouraging your guests to mingle with other people as they fill their plates with food. 

To make sure you execute this nicely, position your buffet table away from the wall to give space for guests to form lines on either side.

Provide Trash Cans

This may sound far from glamorous, but providing several trash cans is a must when throwing any kind of party. For everyone’s convenience, place these trash cans near the dinner and socialization areas. When the festivities end, you’ll be happy to see that there is significantly lesser trash left behind!

Get Help

Even if you volunteered to host the Christmas party in your home, it does not mean you have to do everything yourself. When your friends and relatives start RSVPing, they will almost certainly offer to help in some way. Accept the help and support graciously! It will increase your visitors’ involvement and excitement for the occasion. It will also allow you to unwind more.

Use Music to Set the Mood

A holiday party isn’t complete without the faint sounds of Christmas classics like “Silver Bells” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” playing in the background.

Set the tone for your event by playing seasonal melodies as peaceful background music. Avoid listening to songs with lyrics around dinner hour because it will make conversing among guests more challenging.

Always Prepare Some Extras

Always overestimate the number of resources you’ll need for your event, whether it’s drinks, dinnerware, or food. It’s stressful enough to host a Christmas party at home, but it’s even more stressful when you need to make a last-minute shopping trip during the event. Make an additional batch of mashed potatoes, and get another carton of eggnog! If you have a lot of leftovers at the end of the evening, wrap them up and present them to visitors as a thank you for coming.

Arrange Strategically

Every time there is a party, guests congregate around the food. To encourage social interaction among your guests, experts advise strategically placing food stations. Do you want them to interact in the living room and at the bar? Set out your dishes in both sections to attract your guests to socialize there.

Do a Deep Clean

This holiday party hosting advice doesn’t need to be explained. There is no getting around the deep clean, which is undoubtedly one of the most dreaded hosting preparation tasks. Make your house spotless before your guests arrive, doing everything from mopping the floor and vacuuming to cleaning the bathroom.

Hire a Caterer 

Last but not least, using a catering service for your holiday party enables you to relax and enjoy yourself as well as your guests. One of the most important aspects of any celebration is the food. Catered food is a great way to make your next holiday party more exciting. Your friends and family will be impressed, and your guests will appreciate the gesture.

Holiday Catering Service in Colorado

If you’re planning a Christmas party, you need to start planning early. Your guests deserve delicious food and desserts, and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to arrange it. Wave the Grain can help.  Get a free quote from us today for our catering services in Colorado. Simply describe your requirements to us, along with the number of persons you need to feed. We’d be delighted to collaborate with you to make your holiday party better.